Buchpräsentation NEOKUBISMUS





Opening of the exhibition with the pictures in the book.
Saturday, 17.12.2016 15:00 - 18:00

2017 the exhibition will be open
every Saturday from 15h00 -18h00
End of the exhibition: 4.2.2016, 15h00 -18h00

Wittelsbacherstr. 28, 10707 Berlin


Märkisches Museum

2016 Sommerakademie Märkisches Museum
2016 Sommerakademie Märkisches Museum PDF

Märkisches Museum
Am Köllnischen Park 5
10179 Berlin

Fr - Thur | 08.07. - 14.07.2016 | from 13h00

In the focus of the Sommerakademie at the Märkischen Museum is in this year the Waisenbrücke. During one week artists paint and draw open-air their version of the disappeared building.
The Waisenbrücke, on of the oldest bridges over the Spree in Berlin, was demolished in the second world war by German troops and after provisional restoration torn down in 1960/61. The already in the "Planwerk Innenstadt" envisaged builidng of a new bridge for pedestrians and bikers is very important for the environment around the Märkische Museum and the Köllnischen Park. The aim is to connect the inner-city Kiez with the city-center. With the new brigde the Klosterviertel, the Nikolaiviertel and the Humboldt-Forum would be accessible on foot and at the same time connected with the Spreeweg Berliner Urstromtal,

The object of the Sommerakademie 2016 is to give an impulse for the building of a new bridge at the place of the former ehemaligen Waisenbrücke. The Berlin artists Werner Aufenfehn, Axel Gundrum, Matthias Koeppel, SOOKI (Koeppel), POGO, Dirk Schmitt, Frank Suplie, Klaus Tenner and Frank W. Weber paint and draw together with their students of the Gymnasiums Tiergarten in the neighbourhood of the Märkischen Museums.

Interested visitors can observe them working and regard their ideas of the new bridge at the museum's feast.

A project of "change exchange" from Verein Berliner Künstler under the direction of Sooki Koeppel in cooperation with the Stadtmuseum Berlin.

Location: Märkisches Museum and neighbourhood


Ein Vergleich der Annäherung der Kulturen/ Deutschland Korea
Friday, 27.05.18h00

The Korean artist SOOKI, painter and author and
Prof. Matthias Koeppel, painter, poet, Prof. em.
für Freies Malen und Zeichnen, TU Berlin

In the context of the Asien-Pazifik Woche 2016

Background and Perspectives of the Neokubismus
Using the example of two exhibited paintings in the Urania-Bistro, SOOKI and Matthias Koeppel present their concept of Neokubismusm, which through dissembling and new assembling geometry pictures a modified visible world.

On the occasion of the Asien-Pazifik Woche the artists discuss with interested Korean colleagues and visitors, how for example Asian tradition leaves its mark on current art and regional varying values could be included into a new international style finding. A way out of the rampant general arbitary acts in the art?


Mo, 02.05. - Do, 30.05.
Bilder des Monats
The exhibition in the cafeteria can be visited during the Urania opening hours.

SOOKO, painter, author, lives and works in Berlin
Kudamm Kranzler, Kreuz und Quer (Öl/Lwd., 120 x 100 cm, 2016)
In the course of the invention of Neokubismus developed a picture, in which the Café-Kranzler motive was translated in Neokubistik style. The geometric fragmentation is simultaneously a symbolic hint at the projected structural rearrangement of the Kranzler-Eck.
The fragmentation is enhanced through the radical black and white presentation, which is increased by a red detail.

Sooki, Kudamm Kranzler, Kreuz und Quer

Prof. Matthias Koeppel, painter, poet, Prof. em. für Freies Malen und Zeichnen, TU Berlin
Angelika hat eingekauft (Öl/Lwd., 135 x 100 cm, 2012)
This picture was developed as part of the Kurfürstendamm-Series (2012), in which Matthias Koeppel worked with Neokubistic elements for the first time. Decent geometric handling of the realistic scenery open the possibility, to merge figures and townscape into a stylistic unity.

Matthias Koeppel, Angelika hat eingekauft